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  • Requirements, what requirements?
  • Your developers love the application, but your users can't stand it.
  • Your project is 90% done with 90% remaining.
  • Behind schedule.
  • Over budget.
  • Lack of stakeholders involvement.
  • Luke-warm management backing.
  • When developers test the application, it works, but when others test it, it breaks.
  • When risks threaten to derail your project, work longer hours is the answer.
  • Deteriorating team morale as the project progresses.
  • You are following a process, but no one can point to it.

Congratulations for recognizing the symptoms; you took the first major step towards finding the solution!

  • You are committed to adopt a continuous improvement program.
  • You know you will be more successful with some professional expertise & guidance, especially early on.
  • You realize that many software development methodologies exist out there, and do not want to be dragged into a "us" vs. "them" argument.
  • You want to pick a configurable, industry proven process, which can be incrementally automated with tools as needed.
  • You want a pragmatist.
  • You want someone with practical experience, backed by some certification.
  • You want a good listener, not a talker.
  • Yet, you want answers not more questions; in other words, you want leadership.
  • You realize you get what you pay for, but consultant rates have diminishing returns too.
  • You want personalized service, not a cookie-cutter service.

As an IBM Business Partner, specializing in the Rational Unified Process®, we can assist you in:

  • taking control back of your software development efforts,
  • be accountable to yourself,
  • ensuring proper, repeatable & verifiable process governance,
  • measuring progress on your road to continuous improvement.

If you have read us this far, then take the next step, check out our Products, learn About us, and Contact us!  It may be the most productive task you do today.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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